New sounds from Sydney Youngblood

New sounds from Sydney Youngblood: Fans can look forward to the global soul star’s single and album in January 2018!

The wait will soon be over: Soul King Sydney Youngblood has been working hard and has produced and recorded a number of new songs. The new single “Let The Music Play” will be available worldwide on 12th January 2018. A week later, on 19th January, his new album “Tonight” will be released which includes twelve fresh, modern songs and will be available both nationally and internationally.

On 1st September 2017, after 28 years at mp-records, Sydney Youngblood released various remixes of his big hits such as “Sit And Wait”, “If Only I Could”, “I’d Rather Go Blind” and “So Good So right”.

The creative phase didn’t stop there: Following this, Sydney Youngblood went on to create the new single and the new album, which promise to be “Special Highlights”.
The singer wrote part of the album himself and recorded it in Berlin with the producer Ivan Beres. The other part of the album evolved in Miami (Florida, USA). Sydney Youngblood developed the tracks with the producer Lazaro Rodrigues from M.E.G. Productions, who was also involved in the production of the albums from Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and the Gibb Collective. Barry’s son Travis Gibb collaborated on some of the new songs.

The first single to be released, “Let The Music Play”, has great potential to be the hit of summer 2018. It’s not only Sydney Youngblood who would love this to happen; his manager from mp-musicmanagement is also convinced of it.

Further tracks from the album are also worth waiting for: “Tonight”, “Me, Myself & I”, “Freedom”, “Lose Control”, “Love Is The Music” and “Summer Feeling” could all prove to be the next dance floor hits. Full-blooded soul singer Sydney Youngblood stands, as usual, for good music.

Even as a little boy aged just three, the now 57-year-old would play with his daddy’s records and appeared on stage at a very young age. For the singer who was born in San Antonio, Texas (USA) in 1960, music was at first just a childish game, but it soon became his passion and purpose in life. At just six years old he won a young talent competition in his home town.
It was then that his Indian grandmother named him “Youngblood” and gave his liveliness a fitting name. During the mid-80s he played and sang in various bands, until he started his solo project with well-known producers in 1988. With his debut album “Feeling free”, which was first released in England in 1989, he got his breakthrough. The releases of the smash hits “If Only I Could” and “Sit and Wait” stormed the charts around the world and became his personal trademarks. Sydney Youngblood also had success with the Etta James classic “I’d Rather Go Blind”, and secured a place in the American charts with this hit. The singer entered the charts with all three of his albums which were released in the 90s: “Passion Grace And Serious Bass” (1991), “Just The Way It Is” (1993) and “The Hat Won’t Fit” (1994).

His expressive voice is what makes Sydney Youngblood unmistakable, both on his albums as well as live on stage. And that’s not all: He is also a virtuoso on the bass and on the transverse flute. Thanks to his individual music style, Sydney has so far succeeded in selling over 6 million records worldwide. Yet he has remained down to earth and tours every year with his band and on his own throughout Europe and the rest of the world. With his charm and his abilities, he casts a spell over young and old alike.

Sydney Youngblood has been in the music business for over 30 years. The entertainer has been in the top 10 several times and has released five albums worldwide, as well as numerous singles. The exceptional artist has been honoured with many awards from the music industry. Today, the global star splits his time between Germany and the USA.